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Cargo Shipping to Peru – Shipping Overseas and International Moving to Peru

Immigration is a leading driver of population growth in Sweden, with a high number of recent immigrants coming from countries including Finland, Iraq, Poland and Iran. Many people that move overseas to Sweden settle in cities including Götaland and Svealand. Stockholm is the biggest city and capital of Sweden.

If you are planning to move to Sweden or to live 중국배대지 in Sweden for an extended period of time, it may be helpful for you to consider shipping your personal belongings to Sweden rather than having to purchase all new items once you are in the country. A dependable cargo shipper can help you ship household goods and personal items to Sweden duty free as long as the items have been in your possession and used outside of the country for a minimum of one year. Swedish citizens returning to Sweden must have been outside of the country for at least a year and intend to return to Sweden for at least one year.

If your cargo shipment arrives before you are in Sweden, your goods can be bonded at a Swedish free port. A free port or porto franco is a special customs area with relaxed customs regulations. As part of the European Union, there are several free ports in Sweden which include Frihamnen, Marstrand and Saint-Barthélemy. You are expected to pay any additional costs for these services.

You’ll need to have some important paperwork together if you are moving overseas. If you are shipping cargo to Sweden, you’ll want to make sure that you have the following paperwork available.